Posted by: Kate | August 11, 2013

Title Retained

The garden has done well this year, thanks to sunny skies and good watering. This means my crown of Bean Queen is safe once again, as my garden can produce beans like no other! Runner beans, pole beans, yellow beans, purple beans and three kinds of green beans. So yummy!!

bean collageWhat’s growing well this year in your garden?




  1. I am pleasantly surprised by this year’s tomatoes. As you know, growing tomatoes is tough in this part if the world, but our long hot spring and summer has given us some great results.

    • Nice! I as yet have no tomatoes on the one plant I grow for Mr. Kate….

  2. Yummy is right! Your beans look wonderful :)

    My garden is a container flower garden. I have geraniums, heather (growing madly), impatients and petunias, all v happy & thriving. Landlady has delicious tiny tim tomatoes, regular-size tomatoes, zucchini, mint & lots of pretty roses, flowers.

    Will you be canning soon?

    • Your flowers sound so pretty!

      Don’t know about canning, definitely freezing. Have done two batches of jam already, blackberry jam should be in a couple of weeks.

  3. ooooh i love the title bean queen! do you have a crown?!?!? i may have to look into this! :)

    my garden is slowly starting to produce… we’ve had unseasonably cool weather for over a month, which i am loving, but my tomatoes are not. but they’re finally starting to turn, and yesterday lily pulled a perfect cucumber out of the garden! so yay!!

    • Alas, I am crown-less.

      Yay for cucumbers, they are difficult for me for some reason.

  4. Weeds. :-)

    • Nice! I grow those quite well myself :-)

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