Posted by: Kate | August 20, 2007

The Bean Queen

For the last two years we have had a bumper bean crop. Green beans, runner beans and pole beans. Luckily we love them!

scarlet-runner-bean.jpgscarlet runner bean flowers with baby beans

Most of my seed is from West Coast Seeds, whose seed I have been buying since they were Territorial Seeds back in the 90s. We grow: scarlet runner beans, green bush beans, tri-colour bush beans (purple, yellow and green bean plants), yellow wax pole beans and dwarf bush scarlet runner beans. The beans are delicious raw or cooked, and man do the plants produce!

pole-beans.jpgpole beans

My vegetable beds are prepared in late fall with seaweed, and then in early spring with compost from our home compost box. I don’t feed my plants during the growing season, just water really well.

dwarf-scarlet-runner-bean.jpgdwarf bush scarlet runner beans

 Last year I froze a large quantity of the runner beans and pole beans. This year I have frozen some of the bush beans already, and it looks like there will again be more runner and pole beans than we can eat. I will give some of them away, of course! I freeze my beans (and my peas) in meal-size amounts.

purple-and-yellow-bush-beans.jpegpurple and yellow bush beans

I don’t know if next year will bring another great crop, but for now I will take my crown as The Bean Queen!



  1. Gack, beans….you scared me. Just promise not to give me any!

  2. Oh alright. Geez I had a big bag in the fridge for you …. KIDDING! I know better than that.

  3. The QUEEN BEAN! All Hail the QUEEN BEAN!!! ha ha, that ought to be your bogger name!

  4. I will now wear my wreath of bean tendrils wherever I go…

  5. Just Wondering if anyone has had a problem with flower drop never had this problem till this year, thanks

  6. Could be excessive heat causing the flower drop. I also find that my runner beans often drop the first few flowers on each branch .. then the back flowers form the beans. Has the weather been weird at all? Sometimes a shock can cause it.

  7. Hallo Queen Bean,
    I am new to beans. I had a small bag of beans that were left over from last year, they were supposed to go into a soup, there were many different kinds….last week I decided to plant them all.

    I have about 12 pots of different shapes and sizes, and they have all sprouted! Now what? I guess I need a place for them to vine out? This is exciting.

    But I want the Scarlet Runner Bean ~ it’s pretty.

  8. Hi Roxie,

    Sounds exciting! Try putting some stakes/sticks in the pots for the vines. Or even strings running to a railing will do – they’re pretty willing to vine on anything, as long as it is vertical you’ll get good growth.

    Scarlet Runner Beans are available most places that sell seeds.

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