Posted by: Kate | February 5, 2016

Feature Photo

grand canyon20

I’ve never thought much about a ‘Bucket List’. I really like my life, love where I live and generally find enough adventure in my days that I don’t dream or make lists about what if and when I can. A little Pollyanna of me, sure. A little introverted of me as well. Plus I have travelled in my life, many places, and have seen many things already. But this? Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon? Watching a sunset? This was, without a doubt, a Bucket List moment.

Posted by: Kate | February 3, 2016

Welcome February

I am a big fan of February. Mostly because it means that January is behind us, and the days are starting to get a little longer. February means the annual scrapbooking girls’ week-end away. It means longer days and the occasional moment of warmth amidst the rain and storms. It means colours other than green and grey start to creep back into the world, for those who remember to look around.


Posted by: Kate | January 27, 2016

Project Completion

I did get some projects finished for Christmas, although I didn’t photograph them all. A habit I need to get back into, taking photos of the knitting.

mum's 2015 xmas soxks2

My Mum’s socks were done in time for her return from holidays. Still no idea on the yarn, but the colours are nice and worked well with the pattern, Groovy Socks from Pixie Purls. Once I got myself back in the ‘groove’ of it, that is!


The Eleanor Cowls were for my work colleagues. They are knit from an alpaca yarn (can’t find the label at the moment, will have more details on Ravelry) which was lovely to work with. I knit them flat so that I could leave a bit of a gap at the top – I find even when I bind off loosely with a larger needle it can still be restrictive to pull on and off. Next time I think I’d leave an even larger gap and put a button on it. But I love the pattern and really enjoyed knitting some delicate lace again.

I also finished up some dishcloths and made another hat for my favourite three year old, which I have seen is being worn in action!

January, as for so many knitters, is about finishing up 2015 projects and assessing what I want on my needles for 2016. One project is off the needles already, just needs buttons and ends sewn in. A pair of socks is up next.

What are you knitting these days?

Posted by: Kate | January 22, 2016

Friday Quote

The writers must have enjoyed their cleverness as they laid on alliteration and fancy vocabulary, but peace of mind was the price you paid – pleasure. Loss of pleasure. Loss of a clear view. Why didn’t they realize that a sentence, like a person, can only take so much?

~Louise Hays “Alone in the Classroom”

The quote is about text books for older students, but as an editor and lover of clear communication, it struck me as applicable to so many forms of communication. When writers stop trying to be so clever, and simply say what they want to say, that is when their true voices and true intent shines. For me, that is what then makes powerful writing.

Posted by: Kate | January 20, 2016

Scrapbook Organization

I finally got around to one of those jobs that always gets put to the end of the list. For me it was organizing and dating my scrapbooks.

scrapbook organization1

This involved taking up most of the couch, as I needed to pull apart almost every album (at some point the albums had become summer to summer instead of year to year, and I found it irritating to find events in the right album with it that way, so I was moving about half of every album to another album to get the years in order).

scrapbook organization2

If you don’t scrapbook you might not know this – those pages once in page protectors are really slippery! More than once I ended up with a stack sliding across the floor.

scrapbook organization3

But in the end I had a stack of albums organized by year ready to go back on the shelf. And the satisfaction of a job off the end of the list.

Posted by: Kate | January 17, 2016

Finding Time

Before the New Year was barely in the door I had two editing jobs and a writing assignment on my home desk. This is a good thing – I like the work and the clients and appreciate being busy. But it also challenged me to immediately put my word “Be Active” into use.snow4

I have been taking walks pretty much every day. Many have been in the woods, and thanks to some cold weather many have even been with snow on the ground. I have been scrapbooking, which has made me very happy. And I have been playing  with my camera.


This first set of images was taken in my garden right after the last snow fall. I have edited these images – they were a little too dark for my liking so I worked on them a bit in Adobe Elements.


The set below is from today, while I was waiting for my walking partner at the agreed upon place. These images are not edited – I was playing with manual settings versus automatic settings. The first two are varying the brightness on my manual exposure, while the third one is what the camera chose on automatic. An interesting lesson.

camera experimentjan173camera experimentjan171camera experimentjan172

There are more things on my lists to tackle, but I am pleased overall with the progress of this first month.

Posted by: Kate | January 8, 2016

Friday Quote

…the cat stepped down into his lap and curled up and subsided and turned its head and gravely regarded the boy across the table in the manner of a consultant. A cat of counsel.

~Cormac McCarthy “The Crossing”

One of my favourite authors.

Posted by: Kate | January 5, 2016

Winter Walk

I love walking in the woods here in winter. The ferns are so green, and with the deciduous trees bare of leaves there is much more light than in the summer.

jan 2 walk3

There is generally a lot of water involved in a winter walk here, with high rivers and many puddles. Thanks to a cold snap starting the new year, rather than being very muddy the trails are icy and frosty right now. This means stepping carefully so as not to slip, but not being covered in mud at the conclusion of the walk.

jan 2 walk1

When the sun shines in the winter we don’t go to the woods, as we need all the Vitamin D we can get out here on the wet coast. But on an overcast day, the forest and the rivers are perfect places for winter walks.

jan 2 walk4

Posted by: Kate | January 2, 2016

2016 Word

morning frost nov3

My word for 2016 came to me early in the fall. My sciatic pain was finally starting to resolve and I was ready to face my life again. Repeating through my mind and thoughts over and over was one simply phrase:


I feel very ready for this word. I am more positive and needing action in my life. Assertive action, fun action, moving forward action. Every day, I will in some way choose to BE ACTIVE.

My word for 2015 was Focus, and I did. Unfortunately some of the year was spent focused on pain, but that’s the way of life. I liked the word and felt like it helped me plan different areas. But now I am ready for direction, for command, for decisiveness. 

I have some specific plans for action, which I will fill you in on throughout the year. I am excited to greet the new year!

Posted by: Kate | January 1, 2016

The Holidays

The holidays were lovely and relaxing around here. We even had a sunny, white Christmas!


Good food, family and friends, reading and knitting and walking. Everything the holidays should be. Lots of time for contemplation and preparation for the new year as well. Tomorrow I will share my word for 2016 – I’m excited about it. For today, we will have our traditional New Year’s Day walk and then go have our last Christmas celebration, with my Mum who is back from her travels. For now I will leave you with the full moon from Christmas night, and a wish for a wonderful year.


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