Posted by: Kate | April 26, 2016

Out in the Trails

We are so fortunate that we have many, many trails to choose from in our town. Sunday, after some time spent planting, Mr. Kate and I  went and walked one of my favourites.

It takes us along a tributary or two of the Campbell River and then opens up to the estuary. I like coming at the ocean from behind the river, so to speak. There are islets and inlets along the way, and you don’t even realize the ocean is out there until the farthest point of the walk when you look across to the spit that separates the estuary from the ocean.

April 24 walk2

The area has been reclaimed, as this was a hard-working river in the 1900s, acting as a log dump and transportation hub for a lot of resource activity on the north end of the island as well as the central coast. The local Greenways group is still working on it, and they have created an amazing space in an industrial area of town.

April 24 walk1

My friend and I sometimes pick blackberries here in the summer, and have come across a bear while doing so. Most of the time we just come across a lot of dogs, as it is a popular dog walking trail.

April 24 walk3

I like that it is still a working estuary. It is safer, and healthier, and cleaner, but it is still a working space. That is so true for this resource town we live in where nature is as loved.

(Do you see nature at the top of the crane? I’ll give you a better look. I don’t have a strong zoom lens, so it’s still small, but you can see it.)April 24 walk4

Love being out on the trails with my guy on a simple Sunday afternoon. Breathing, absorbing, observing, talking. Living outside where I belong.

Posted by: Kate | April 19, 2016

Blooming Beauty

Spring is here in a big way. Lawns are being mowed ( thanks to Bushboy), dandelions are bringing yellow to the boulevards, and trees and shrubs are bursting.

The fruit trees are all blooming in the back yard. Pear above, cherry and apple below.

Peas and pac choi are up in the garden and the rhubarb continues its attempts at backyard domination.

I can tell spring is early – the lilacs are already blooming!

I still feel overwhelmed when I look at the garden, but little by little I’m taking control. I haven’t given up yet.

Another clean corner. The rest will come.

Posted by: Kate | April 11, 2016


We took a little time this week-end to do some exploring down island. Bushboy went to a concert with his aunt while Mr. Kate and I enjoyed some free time, some dinner out (both on our own and then the next night with good friends), and did some sight-seeing in areas we don’t usually visit.

First up was Cowichan Bay, where we had a lovely dinner at a waterside restaurant. This is a quaint little west coast village on southern Vancouver Island, with houseboats and little seaside cottages. The sunset was beautiful.




The next day we went to the Kinsol Trestle. What a great walk and historic site!





Love this island and that there is so much to explore right here at home.

Posted by: Kate | April 5, 2016

Books and Knits

Read The Martian this week-end. I’d seen the movie already and really liked it, so was cautious about reading the book. A colleague convinced me to give it a go. So glad she did! I really enjoyed it, laughed out loud a lot and was impressed at how well the movie captured the essence of the book. Lots of science but also a good, fun adventure read.


Along with Bushboy’s blanket which I knit on at night, I am finally working on sock 2 of my Wanida Socks. Loving this pattern (by Cookie A.) and the colours of this yarn (Nova Yarn). Made it to the heel on Sunday!

What are you knitting and reading?

Posted by: Kate | April 3, 2016

Week-ends Are For….

Garden fever has hit! We are having a mild early Spring, which means lots of garden time. 

I find it hard to manage my time well when this happens. When you only have two days in the week-end it is hard to fit all that you want to do, plus the chores and errands that you should do. 

Book-keeping, house cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry… When there are gardens to dig, socks to knit, walks to take and books to be read?!

How do you manage your week-ends?

Posted by: Kate | March 28, 2016

Progress in Places

(A Be Active Update)

Here we are, almost a quarter into 2016. Our house marked a milestone with Bushboy’s 16th birthday. Spring has arrived in its slow, meandering west coast style. And I am striving to remember to be active in my life.

I’m getting active in the garden. Sometimes it is overwhelming, but  I got peas and pac choi planted this week-end and another bed partially cleared.

I’m walking more, although the not always with Chika. He can’t get in and out of the truck easily anymore nor can he walk as far. It’s a hard adjustment, to go for a hike without him. We still walk the neighbourhood and he is happy with that.

I have started swimming laps at the pool once a week. I swam competitively as a school kid, and even completed my Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross as a teenager. I love to swim and am happy to be pushing myself to do this.

I am picking up my knitting more frequently, both Bushboy’s blanket and a long-neglected pair of socks.

I still feel frustrated at times. My sciatica gets more irritating as I move more. I have not lost any weight yet this year (although I also haven’t gained more) which disappoints me more than it probably should, but I was the same weight for 10 years and it has been hard to accept this change in my body.

Still on my action hit list? Office paperwork and systems. Major craft room clean out. Play loud music and dance more.

Posted by: Kate | March 22, 2016

Start Somewhere 

The back yard was sorely neglected last year while I dealt with the bad back and sciatica issues as well as planning and then taking our big road trip. The time has come to begin to get it all in order. Pretty overwhelming, until I took myself in hand and reminded myself to just start somewhere.

Mr. Kate is building me some new raised beds as the wood on the 12-year-old beds was quite rotten. There is 2 yards of soil outside the gate waiting to go into the beds. There are another 15 bags of soil in the back of the truck. I’ve pruned the apple tree.

Meanwhile, even in the chaos things are growing. The rhubarb is up, the chives are green, the parsley is unfurling.

It’s supposed to rain now for a week. But it’s started and I feel better.

Posted by: Kate | March 20, 2016

Blanket of Growth

I made Bushboy his blanket when he was 4. Blue, with some fuzzy in it, as was his request at the time. For the last couple of years he has been hinting that he could do with a new, bigger blanket.

16 seemed a good reason to start a new blanket. He was less opinionated this time but I made him select the pattern from a pre-chosen group. Then I made him choose at least the main colour.

curve 1
The pattern is Curve of Pursuit by Wooly Thoughts. They specialize in patterns based on mathematical concepts, which tickles my fancy no end.

I am really enjoying working on the blanket. As the pattern recommends I have circular needles on each side. This makes it easy to turn the work and work each wedge. It also has the added bonus of making it sound like I have a wind chime in my lap when I turn the piece.

We’ll see which grows faster – the blanket or the intended owner!

Posted by: Kate | March 13, 2016

Sixteen Candles

Dear son,

As you told me, 16 means something. It is the first time you are handed one of those guarded ‘adult’ activities – driving a vehicle. You feel like you are really becoming yourself. I have always thought 16 was important and significant, and here we are on the doorstep of your 16th birthday.

What can anyone, or even your dad and I, tell you as you turn 16? Not much that you’ll likely hear right now, we know that. But maybe you’ll remember some of our words down the road, so we keep talking.
You, my boy turning man, are the delight of our lives. You constantly amaze us as you force your way through life, full tilt and full speed (except when it’s time for band at 7:30am of course…). Your skills, your curiosity, your perseverance all impress us. You have a big heart and big emotions; even when, or rather especially when, you think no one can see. We do.


I know it isn’t always easy to be you, to be the one marching to a tune only you know. But know that being true to who you are is in the end the only way to have a full and meaningful life. The people who like and love you knowing the real you are the ones you want to have around. They may not always be the easiest to have in your fierce, out-loud life, but they will be worth it. They will in turn make you a better you, enriching that tune to a sound track.

the boy christmas 2015

Be happy, be healthy, be safe, be truthful. The rest will come. Happy Birthday, kiddo ( I don’t care that you are now over 7 inches taller than me, you’re always my kiddo).

Love, Mom.

mom and son christmas 2015

Posted by: Kate | March 11, 2016

Friday Quote

His career-crowning idea of evolution by natural selection is a triumph of human achievement that sprang from the perfectly achievable endeavors of careful observation, meticulous note-taking, and joyous, boundless curiousity.

Darwin Slept Here ~Eric Simons

I went in to Journalism because A) I loved to write and B) I had an endless fierce curiousity about everything. I think there is a story everywhere and I love to ask questions. Curiousity is not encouraged enough in school-aged children (while we like our students to do reports and essays we prefer they not go beyond the accepted facts and figures that we all know). People get exasperated when you want to know things all the time. Except for when it is time for a trivia night and they need a partner, of course. Those words above? The joyous, boundless curiousity mixed with observation and note-taking? They make my heart sing.

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