Posted by: Kate | August 21, 2016

Moments in August

August is my favourite summer month. I love watching the light in the evenings as the sun starts to go down a little earlier.

The garden is happy still and not as fatigued as it gets in the dog days of July. 

The moon rises are beautiful as we go for evening walks in the cooler air.

Yet the days are still hot and bright and made for swimming.

One of the things the west coast boasts about is having four distinct seasons, which makes each one special. August on the island, with the crickets chirping and the clear skies of summer is about as perfect as summer gets.

Posted by: Kate | August 7, 2016

Salt in my Hair

After a week in a mountain valley I spent a weekend with friends camping at the ocean.

I really am that spoiled. We don’t camp at the ocean often, my boys prefer the lakes and rivers for exploring and fly fishing. So this was a definite treat. We explored sandstone beaches and lazed around the campsite.

The highlight for me was the evening swim at high tide, diving in off the rocks. Watching Bushboy and his buddy swim and explore and play. Soaking up the sun at the edge of the sea.

Posted by: Kate | August 1, 2016

Ralph River

Refresh. Rejuvenate. Relax. Relate. Recharge. Reconnect.


There are places on this earth where we just feel something more. Where the very air speaks to us, whispers to us, caresses us. If we choose to listen, to be aware, these places can provide for us.


If you are lucky enough to be close to one of these places, to be able to visit it at least once a year, you have a gift. Embrace it. Use it. Revel in it.


I have that place. This year I got 5 days in it, with the people I love the most in this world. And I needed it. And I revelled in it. I embraced it. I let it love me and I loved it back.


I am breathing more loosely once again.

Posted by: Kate | July 29, 2016


A friend gave us some pickling cucumber plants this year, so I threw them in the garden. Turns out they like it there! So now that we have pickling cukes, it is time to research making pickles!

Now we are a pretty choosy pickle family so I haven’t ventured into pickle making. I’m not into making big batches of things that we might not want to eat. But small batches with cucumbers as they ripen? I can get behind that. 

First I made regular dill pickles. Some with garlic and some without. Three jars are refrigerator pickles (the lighter green in the pictures although the turned the darker green eventually) and three jars I canned (the second picture above).

Then I got adventurous and decided to make a small batch of bread and butter pickles. These are also kept in the fridge.

I did buy a $5 bag of pickling cukes from the local farmers’ market, but I kept note of which jars were made with our cucumbers.

The verdict on the refrigerator dill pickles? One thumb up, as they are a bit vinegary. A tablespoon of sugar in the next batch should help. The bread and butter pickles need at least 24 hours to sit, so we’ll keep you posted!

Posted by: Kate | July 27, 2016

The Littlest of Knits

I wrote a story for our young friend and the co-star was a pig. So a pig seemed required.

The pattern was A Very Small Pig. Easy pattern, fiddly but quick knit.

Posted by: Kate | July 21, 2016

Carving in Fresh Air

The sun has come back out so I went down to look at the finished carvings. Some had already been moved but my favourites were still there.

Poseidon won first place in the professional division and it is easy to see why. The attention to detail is amazing!

There were a number of eagle depictions. I always love these as they are so fitting for our area. The carvings just look like they belong.

Every year there is a bench. Love this year’s version!

The carving competition is a perfect presentation of our community. Chainsaws and big logs, beachside, and beautiful art. Resource workers and artists have long co-existed on this island.

Art in fresh air.

Posted by: Kate | July 17, 2016

Driving Miss Kate

Bushboy got his Learner’s permit in June so we are deep into the driving lessons. He is a very good driver and I have discovered that I love driving with him.

This could have gone another way, he could have decided he didn’t want me telling what to do And been surly about driving with me. 

He has said he likes driving with me as well. Another quiet parenting moment I had to pause and recognize.

Posted by: Kate | July 3, 2016

Small Pleasures

While there is no doubt something about a breathtaking experience that resonates (the Grand Canyon at sunset will forever live in my brain) life does not generally provide those moments on a regular basis. But if you’re lucky, and lift your head from your daily path and open your heart, then small pleasures can find you at any moment.

A friend of mine who has been far away for 8 long years knocked on my door last night. I knew she was on her way but what struck me was how good it was to have her in arm’s reach again. To know I could call and she might be able to see me that day. That connection. And to know she was just as happy to have that again.

When I walk by the lavender that lines the driveway I can hear the bees. I stopped and counted the other evening – there were 16 of them just on one plant.

I learned a new word today. It gives me a little rush whenever that happens. I was reading along and came across the word minatory. I had to stop and look it up. (Love my Kobo with its built in dictionary.) I was so tickled to learn a new word I shared it with my guys, who humoured my love of language as they always do. It means ‘having a menacing quality’ and it was delicious in the situation it was used.

Bushboy’s eyes lit up when he saw all the jars on the counter. “Jam, at last we have real jam again!” 

A morning in the summer, picking berries at a local farm. So not a chore.

So many small pleasures in my life it makes my heart swell. Keep your eyes and mind open, because these small moments are everywhere.

Posted by: Kate | June 26, 2016

Summer Starts Here

We are approaching summer very differently this year. No big trips, only some shorter camping trips and a jaunt to Victoria. I am determined to enjoy summer in my backyard, both literally and more figuratively.

Summer weather arrived this weekend just in time for the annual  chainsaw carving competition. We’ll go back later this week to get pictures of the final products, but it was fun watching the carvers work this week-end.

I got another patch cleared in the garden. Satisfying, sweaty work! So overgrown.

The vegetable garden is well in hand, with fresh potatoes and the first handful of peas this week.

I’m enjoying this slower paced start to summer and look forward to a home-grown couple of months.

Posted by: Kate | June 20, 2016

Observing as I Walk

It took me a couple of weeks after Chika’s passing to feel comfortable going for my neighbourhood walks, but I’ve been back out the last few nights. I pick a different loop each night, and love seeing the sights.

One direction takes me to the ocean views, while the other direction takes me to mountain views. Both are different every night, changing with the light and the clouds and for the ocean the activity on it.

Last night I spotted this giant wasp nest high in a tree in someone’s front yard. I had to resist the urge to run, but it definitely made me shudder!

One of my favourite things walking in the evening is seeing all the cats on driveways soaking up the warmth from the concrete. They’re everywhere! I love how they try to pretend I can’t see them.

Do you like observing as you walk?

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