Posted by: Kate | March 1, 2015

Walking in the Light

February was an unseasonably mild and dry month here on the coast. I know it’s not necessarily a good thing for a rain forest eco-system, and it could be a symptom of the changing climate, but it’s hard to be upset about it when it feels like April and the sun is shining. I can’t remember a winter here when we’ve had so much sunshine, and it is reflected in people’s moods for sure (the west coast and it’s grey winters are notorious for causing seasonal moodiness).

Winter isn’t over and we are all hesitant to count it out before April as March can be a fickle month. But February was one for the books.

branches on sky feb1




magnolia bud feb

Posted by: Kate | February 25, 2015

Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Down in Victoria a few weeks ago Bushboy decided to play with my camera. He was experimenting with my big detachable flash, seeing the difference it made in lighting and exposure. He snapped some photos of me while he was playing and one of them I was quite taken with.

me Feb

I like that it is slightly out of focus (ah, there’s that word!). I was talking to Mr. Kate and relaxing after a fun day. My feet are almost always curled up when I am sitting, mostly because I can’t touch the ground on most chairs and couches. I am wearing a pair of my knitted socks and my favourite comfy fleece pants. I look relaxed and happy, and I like to see that.

I am usually behind the camera. It means a lot to me to have Bushboy pick up my camera and take a picture of me, and that he captured this moment in time. A short focus of me.

Posted by: Kate | February 21, 2015

Where I Walk

Often my walks are taken right in the neighbourhood. I watch familiar gardens year-round, delighting in the subtle changes as the months go by. Chika sniffs familiar landmarks, noting which dogs have been where and when. I know which way the wind will catch me as I turn a corner. And I know when I turn down the two hills in my loop, that I will see the ocean and then the mountains. And it never fails to make me glad.


Posted by: Kate | February 18, 2015

Unseasonable Weather

Although we often have a stretch of warm weather in February, this year has been particularly mild. The whole winter has been, with less rain, less wind and warmer temperatures. We’ve barely even had frost over night. That’s not really a good thing, as it means a dry summer like last year, unless we get a wet spring. And of course, as we always remind ourselves out here, the bad weather can show up any time.

Meanwhile, we are basking in warm weather and the gardens are waking up. These two pictures were taken a day apart, of the flowering white current at my front door.

IMG_0282 IMG_0292

With the light coming back in the evenings as well it feels like April out there. Quite disconcerting and hard to remember that it is only February.

Posted by: Kate | February 14, 2015

Creating and Catching Up

Last week-end was a week-end I look forward to every year – the annual scrapbooking retreat my friend and I attend at Shawnigan Lake School. Between the well organized event, the great food, the beautiful surroundings, the lovely B&B and most importantly the fabulous friend, it was a great two days. Top it off with an extra night in Victoria with our favourite little guy, and the long week-end was awesome. But it left little time to get back to a new semester and a crazy busy short work week!

scrapping feb1

85 people attended on the Saturday, with 40 of us there the Friday night. Really cool to see all the creative things people are working on.

scrapping feb2

After six of these events, I have gotten quite good at getting myself ready to scrap, and was very pleased to put together 21 pages this time. Love coming home to fill my scrapbooks!

scrapping feb3

Shawnigan Suites B&B is a wonderful place – this was our second time there and it didn’t disappoint.

I’ve already got next year marked on the calendar.

Posted by: Kate | February 5, 2015

He’s a Lover

hubert jan 31

Hubert. Built like a linebacker, almost square when he sits on a couch or chair. He is the most timid of our cats, hiding when someone new is in the house. But once he gets to know you he will adore you. Either from the safety of the floor where he will gaze at you for hours, or from your lap, where somehow he manages to end up without you being sure how he even got there. For such a big cat he is amazingly stealthy! He is the lover and the talker of the group, and I treasure him for the loving affection he brings.

Posted by: Kate | February 1, 2015

Sometimes a Little Polish is What’s Needed

I’m what most people consider an earthy sort. Don’t wear make-up, rarely bother to blow dry my hair. Don’t worry too much about what I’m wearing. But some days, it is nice to do something out of character. When my office switched companies we were given gift certificates for a local spa as a welcome. This week-end I treated myself to a pedicure.


Some days you just have to let the girlie out.

Posted by: Kate | January 28, 2015

The Big Picture

I read this quote over a year ago, and it rings through my head so often.

…she closed her eyes for a moment, and saw the hills, and the burns tumbling down, and the veils of fine rain. And she thought, One can love a country¬†until it hurts. ~Alexander McCall Smith “The Careful Use of Compliments

It is that last line that strikes me in my heart and rings true for me. When I look around me I am awestruck with what I see. Sure I have enjoyed traveling and seeing new places, but this, around me, this super natural beauty, this is my heart’s home. And I love it fiercely.

beach jan 282

Posted by: Kate | January 22, 2015

Lessons in Failure

Attended a parent math session last night, and one of the messages that stuck with me was around our concepts of failure. That for a student to repeat a course did not constitute a tragedy, just another step in the educational journey. That learning requires a brain maturity that happens when the time is right, not when the calendar or student’s age says it should.

When did we decide it was terrible for our children to fail? When did we start to shield them, as a society, from ever getting knocked down? I’m a little baffled by this, because we all know that as adults, life happens. You get knocked down. And success comes when you know how to pick yourself up, dust off and move forward. How do we expect our children to learn that if we never allow them to, for lack of a better word, fail?

The world doesn’t end at the failure. The lesson really begins with what we do with that failure. But by teaching our children to fear failure at all costs, we are creating a generation that doesn’t even want to try.

morning light2

Facing the light of a new day.

Posted by: Kate | January 16, 2015

Fleeting Moments

Sometimes the light is only there for a moment….

jan 16 sunset1

jan 16 sunset2

… fleeting moments of breath-taking beauty.

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