Posted by: Kate | February 24, 2021

In the Nest

Almost three years ago we became empty nesters. Bushboy graduated and moved out to begin the next chapter of his life story, which we totally support.

The first six months were hard for me. I experienced a lot of anxiety as he found his footing as an adult in his own space. But slowly my anxiety lessened as he proved himself able to forge ahead.

Mr. Kate and I took a trip to Hawaii, our first solo vacation since before we became parents. We rode the motorcycle more. We began to enjoy our life as parents to a young adult who didn’t live under our roof.

Life intervenes though, doesn’t it? Best laid plans, and all that. As the need to be a hands-on parent eased, a need for me to become a hands-on daughter increased.

Our empty nest journey has been a little waylaid over the past two years, both by a call to duty and by a global pandemic. But as all experienced parents know, adaptation is the name of the game.


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