Posted by: Kate | February 16, 2021

Slowing Down

Living on the west coast and in a natural paradise, a lot of our days off are spent getting outside. Having grown up on the island our outdoor spaces are woven into my psyche and definitely form part of who I am.

We get snow a handful of times a year, and every once in a while a cold front collides with a wet Pacific front and we get dumped on. Such was this weekend, when about a foot of snow fell in two days.

Because we get so little snow generally, snow clearing equipment is pretty low on our city’s budget. Which means whe. We get a foot of snow in a short time frame – we are snowed in. Even walking is difficult as sidewalks, etc aren’t cleared quickly (we all know it will usually melt in a few days).

This weekend we just… slowed down. We didn’t go anywhere other than outside to shovel the driveway and a short, laborious walk around the block. We enjoyed the pretty snow and chilled out. Cooked, pulled out a puzzle, read, watched movies, talked. We just hung out for two days.

It was lovely.


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