Posted by: Kate | January 27, 2021

New and Delicious Things

What with all our time being spent at home these days, Mr. Kate and I have been coming up with projects as something different to do. For Christmas I gave him a meat attachment (grinder and stuffer) for our Kitchenaid and a recipe book for sausage making. Last weekend we got to it!

The first week of January one of our local stores always has pork legs on sale for around $20 a leg, so we knew this was the time to make sausages.

Mr. Kate chose Sage Fennel and Kimchi for the first two recipes. We had a blast spending the day mixing, grinding, stuffing, wrapping and eating!

They were delicious! This only used half the leg, so for $10 of pork and maybe $10 other ingredients (more like $6) we got 3 dozen sausages. (There are two layers in the container below.)

The recipes and general instructions in the book were excellent, clear and easy to follow.

Not sure what the next project will be (before Christmas we repainted our front room and stairway) but this one was fun.


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