Posted by: Kate | August 8, 2013

A Fly Fishing Boy

Bushboy started learning to fly fish when he was 9. Mr. Kate had taken it up as a hobby and Bushboy wanted to join him, so Mr. Kate started to teach him. (I think that shows a certain fortitude on Mr. Kate’s behalf, frankly.)

fly fishing quinsam1

Four years later and armed with a good quality rod and reel that we bought him this Christmas, Bushboy has become a good fly-fisher. He admits he keeps at it for the joy of getting a fish on, and is frustrated easily (no zen of fishing for him) which isn’t surprising given his intense personality. But he keeps with it, which impresses me no end. I think he has learned some perseverance with the endeavour, and I know he has learned a skill that can be used anytime he finds a body of water near by, any season of the year.

fly fishing quinsam4




  1. This is utterly awesome! wtg BB, it looks like you’ve got it!

    This so reminds me of “A River Runs Through It”, Brad Pitt, et al. We recently watched it (again) last weekend. I bet BB would like it, too (that is, if he hasn’t already seen it).

    • He hasn’t seen it, but Mr. Kate and I enjoyed it.

  2. I love that top photo of Bushboy. It looks like it could make the cover of a fly fishing calendar. :-)

    • Aw, thanks!

    • Totally agree! In fact, it’s now our desktop wallpaper :)

  3. i agree – the first photo is a great capture!
    from the little i know about fly fishing it is no easy feat, kudos to bb for keeping at it! (and to mr.kate for teaching a 9yr old to fly fish!)

    • Definitely a life-long learning hobby.

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