Posted by: Kate | August 5, 2013

It’s a Dog’s Day Summer

It’s been that kind of a summer ….

What makes Chika roll and wriggle in the sand with joy?

chika sand rubA good dip in the ocean, of course!

(This one’s for you, Melissa!)



  1. Oh, I love seeing a happy dog!

  2. oh thank you kate!! this totally made my day!!!
    chika is the most handsome dog in all of north america, you tell him i said, “who’s a good boy?!?!? who’s a good boy?!?!? you are!!!!”

    • He wagged his tail :)

  3. Chika knows how to live.

    • Any water, any time.

  4. So beautiful! Glad I popped over this evening :-) xRos

    • He is infectious, really, the joy he shows.

  5. Chika’s a pure joy!! We can learn from him … all you have to do is roll around in the sand for a bit & then run into the ocean! What could be better than that?

    • It’s true, really….

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