Posted by: Kate | March 24, 2021

Save it or Use it?

For so many years, I was a saver. I’m not talking about money, but about gifts. I would receive a book, or beautiful yarn, or clothing, or craft supplies, or a gift card, and I would carefully put them by. I might admire them if they were a physical thing, but I wouldn’t use them.

In this year of self, I am working hard to break that habit. I am spending the gift certificates, using the products, and enjoying myself.

Not sure why we do this to ourselves, saving something for that perfect moment or project, but this year I am breaking free.



  1. Good for you! As hard as I try to do that, I tend to hoard. Well, not really HOARD, but save things because they could be useful. I, too, need to be better about letting go…

    • Hi Liz! It is strange, this need to save things for the “right” time. Yet, the right time never comes.

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