Posted by: Kate | February 8, 2021

Where Have All the Babies Gone?

I got a big bag of baby yarn a couple of months ago from another knitter looking to pass it on, in the hopes of giving my Mum some knitting projects to work on to keep her busy in the winter.

Seeing the yarn sitting in my spare room made me realize that it has been a long time since I knitted something for a baby. I have hit an odd time in life where my friends are too old to have babies but my son and his friends are not yet ready to have babies. We have a small family and no babies on the horizon. There is a baby drought happening in my sphere!

On a whim I have started to knit a baby blanket. Might tuck it into a box, might donate it.

I miss holding babies and cuddling with little ones, reading picture books and having nonsensical conversations. And it surprises me that I think of it even, but there it is.

In my world instead: my cat will cuddle in my lap and try to convince me she’s a needy baby.



  1. I love the pattern you’re using to make a beautiful baby blanket. There are plenty of babies 👶🏼 out there who would love your blanket! Other fibre artists I know put completed baby things into a special place (a box or basket) when a new baby is announced to the world. You can do that, if this interests you.

    We are expecting the phone to ring anytime now, our only son and his new wife are expecting a baby boy this March 2021! Of course, I had to knit them something! There’s a camo-green crochet baby blanket and a new crocheted hat and knit baby mitts or maybe for little leg warmers. They’re waiting on the kitchen table to be wrapped and mailed to the unbelievably happy couple.

    We are all so excited! Why does it feel like yesterday when our children were little? This is a rhetorical question, dear Kate, if you hadn’t already known. Lol

    And besides, knitting, crocheting is so good for your soul, especially during our world’s difficult times. I thank my dear Mom everyday for her gifts.

    • How exciting indeed!! Bushboy and I are March babies :)
      I agree, knitting and crocheting are very good for the soul!

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