Posted by: Kate | August 14, 2013

On the Needles

There is knitting, even amongst the fun of summer there’s always time for knitting! There are a number of projects in various stages around here, a couple just finished and some still in progress (one I can’t show you).

stroller blanket

This is a stroller blanket for one of the young guy’s at Mr. Kate’s work. He and his girlfriend are having their first child any day now. The pattern is called Baby Squared Blanket. The yarn is Bernat’s Cottontots which has sadly been discontinued. Three balls from stash used!

birthday clothsTwo Grandma’s Favourite dishcloths, with one more Chinese Waves added in the peach colour. These are a birthday present for a co-worker who dropped numerous hints about how much she LOVES the dishcloths I made her last year for her birthday….



  1. Brave you to have knit a blanket in the summer, especially a summer as hot as the one we have been having!

    • It’s a pretty small blanket :)

  2. I agree, it’s been a v hot summer to knit, but as you know, some of us just can’t stop regardless of the weather.

    This blanket is so pretty, so kind of you to make one for Mr. Kate’s co-worker, they will LOVE it. Is this Feather & Fan? It’s always been a favourite of mine. Too bad Cottontots is discontinued, it was a lovely yarn.

    Once someone uses a handknit or crochet dishcloth, they’ll never go back. You are so kind!

    And hmmmmm?? re: some still in progress (one I can’t show you). Can’t wait, I know it’ll be great!

    • It’s never too hot to knit!!

  3. That stroller blanket looks beautiful!

    • Thanks, I love the yarn!

  4. what a gorgeous blanket! the new parents to be are going to love it!!
    and i love those dishcloths… but you know me, i’m a sucker for a well knit dishcloth! the two colored one reminds me of a sailing flag.

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