Posted by: Kate | December 23, 2020

Morning Walks

When we lost our dog four years ago my fitness level went down. I realized that without Chika to walk I simply wasn’t getting out enough. So I decided to start walking every morning before work.

I didn’t know how vital these walks would become to me. They clear my mind, helping me centre through any stress or pain (serious chronic back issues).

30 minutes in my neighbourhood, in all weather and all year round. This year, with the added anxiety of a pandemic and a serious health scare with a parent, these morning walks have been my saving grace.

They are the closest I get to meditation. I don’t put ear buds in and I don’t let myself think about work. Some days I need my mantra: what will be will be and what is done is done. Some days I mull over issues. Some days I just take in the ever changing world around me. Every day I come back home calmer and ready to start my day.


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