Posted by: Kate | December 27, 2020

One Word

Every year for over a decade now I have chosen one little word to focus me through the year. I learned of the practise through Ali Edwards, who is a scrapbooker and journaller I enjoy following.

Last year my word was Adventure. At the time I was thinking of Mr. Kate and I exploring as empty nesters, playing with my crafting, trying new things. Who knew life would hand me hard adventures, like a pandemic or an aging parent in and out of hospital and almost dying?

There were good adventures though, some before the pandemic shut everything down and some after. Mr. Kate and I made time to explore local trails throughout the year, and in the summer we rode the motorcycle as often as we could.

So now I find myself mulling over a word for 2021. There are a few in the running, but none have spoken out to say it’s the one. By Jan 1 I’ll have it though.


  1. I’m so happy to see your 2021 Word thing! I will think of one and will post it here. I’m sorry to hear you have aging parent difficulties. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Two years ago, I lost my aging parent, my Mother. She survived 10 years after my Father passed away in 2008.

    It’s been a difficult journey. I live my days one moment at a time. I also picked up watercolour painting and drawing again! It’s helped me sort through all of the many emotions since my parents died. I don’t know if I’ll ever “get over it”. Some have told me to let go. I don’t think there’s a time limit on memories or love. My, some days are very difficult (you may hear me swearing from time to time), but slowly I carry on.

    It’s great that you and Mr, Kate have found fun ways to cope during this terrible pandemic. Riding motorcycles?! Fun! I wonder if you saw eagles 🦅. How’s Bushboy? Man, time flies,eh? My youngest daughter is 42 years old today!

    • I see eagles almost every day, and I think of you every time :)
      Mr. Kate rides the motorcycle, I sit on the back!
      Grief is so personal. I lost my brother three years ago, and I agree, there is no time limit on how you feel about a loss.
      Bushboy is doing well – living with his girlfriend and is a commercial diver. He lives nearby, so pre-pandemic we saw them a lot. Now not so much, but it’s comforting to have him close none-the-less.

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