Posted by: Kate | December 14, 2020

And So It Goes

I think we all are probably feeling some form of low-grade anxiety during this pandemic. I know for me it has become just one more added pressure on top of a year of pressures.

I am generally an even-keeled person, I try not to dwell on difficulties and I tend to see the world as a more positive than negative space. This year has certainly challenged that outlook.

We all have our own difficulties, mine are no more extraordinary and in some ways I am much more fortunate than other people going through this pandemic. That does not however take away from the anxiety and sadness I feel.

And so, in this season of lights and peace and hope and love, I am working to find all of those things for myself and within myself. The season looks much different than in years past, although Mr Kate and I have certainly spent Christmases alone and find comfort in each other’s company, we will miss celebrating with those closest to us.

I hope to be more present here on the blog, I would like to document some of my journey as the care provider for an aging parent as well as return to my roots of writing about this beautiful natural space I get to live in.

I am thinking of my one word for 2021, and for once I will be glad to put my word of the Year behind me. Adventure came in too many ways this year!


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