Posted by: Kate | March 22, 2016

Start Somewhere 

The back yard was sorely neglected last year while I dealt with the bad back and sciatica issues as well as planning and then taking our big road trip. The time has come to begin to get it all in order. Pretty overwhelming, until I took myself in hand and reminded myself to just start somewhere.

Mr. Kate is building me some new raised beds as the wood on the 12-year-old beds was quite rotten. There is 2 yards of soil outside the gate waiting to go into the beds. There are another 15 bags of soil in the back of the truck. I’ve pruned the apple tree.

Meanwhile, even in the chaos things are growing. The rhubarb is up, the chives are green, the parsley is unfurling.

It’s supposed to rain now for a week. But it’s started and I feel better.



  1. Our yard is a testament to ‘even in the chaos things will grow’. Great attitude to get through the overwhelming feeling…just start. The rest will follow in its own pace.

    • Breathing deeply helps as well!

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