Posted by: Kate | March 28, 2016

Progress in Places

(A Be Active Update)

Here we are, almost a quarter into 2016. Our house marked a milestone with Bushboy’s 16th birthday. Spring has arrived in its slow, meandering west coast style. And I am striving to remember to be active in my life.

I’m getting active in the garden. Sometimes it is overwhelming, but  I got peas and pac choi planted this week-end and another bed partially cleared.

I’m walking more, although the not always with Chika. He can’t get in and out of the truck easily anymore nor can he walk as far. It’s a hard adjustment, to go for a hike without him. We still walk the neighbourhood and he is happy with that.

I have started swimming laps at the pool once a week. I swam competitively as a school kid, and even completed my Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross as a teenager. I love to swim and am happy to be pushing myself to do this.

I am picking up my knitting more frequently, both Bushboy’s blanket and a long-neglected pair of socks.

I still feel frustrated at times. My sciatica gets more irritating as I move more. I have not lost any weight yet this year (although I also haven’t gained more) which disappoints me more than it probably should, but I was the same weight for 10 years and it has been hard to accept this change in my body.

Still on my action hit list? Office paperwork and systems. Major craft room clean out. Play loud music and dance more.



  1. So glad to see an update here…and to see that you are striving to move more. I love seeing you in the garden again although it’s concerning that your sciatica is continuing to act up. Very cool on getting back to the pool (didn’t know you were a swimmer!). I keep wanting to go to the pool again (I didn’t swim competitively in high school [I swam but mostly in natural water settings] but when I moved to La Grande, I started swimming very regularly and loved it) but haven’t made it there. Swimsuits and body image and all…need to get over that.

    Oh, I didn’t realize Chika was getting up there in years. So sad to hear but at least you can still take him out around the neighborhood. Look at that beautiful ‘smiling’ face!

    Keep being active as your back allows!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Rachel. Striving for honesty…
      Why am I not surprised we both like swimming? I’m a lake and ocean swimmer as well.
      Chika is 12 this spring.

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