Posted by: Kate | March 20, 2016

Blanket of Growth

I made Bushboy his blanket when he was 4. Blue, with some fuzzy in it, as was his request at the time. For the last couple of years he has been hinting that he could do with a new, bigger blanket.

16 seemed a good reason to start a new blanket. He was less opinionated this time but I made him select the pattern from a pre-chosen group. Then I made him choose at least the main colour.

curve 1
The pattern is Curve of Pursuit by Wooly Thoughts. They specialize in patterns based on mathematical concepts, which tickles my fancy no end.

I am really enjoying working on the blanket. As the pattern recommends I have circular needles on each side. This makes it easy to turn the work and work each wedge. It also has the added bonus of making it sound like I have a wind chime in my lap when I turn the piece.

We’ll see which grows faster – the blanket or the intended owner!



  1. Your blanket is looking lovely already. Great colour choices and the pattern looks wonderfully interesting. Looking forward to seeing the finished thing! Ros

    • Thanks Ros!

  2. This looks great! I had to go on Ravelry to wrap my head around how the 3 colors would work (since the original is 2)…and then I just went into a rabbit hole. Thanks for that. ahem. :) I applaud the color choice (both in terms of 3 total colors and the colors picked). Will love seeing your progress on this one. And if the blanket growth is slower than the boy growth…well, I think a blanket would make a fabulous graduation gift. Just saying…

    • Graduation gift – terrifying and yet right all at the same time :)

  3. That’s a great pattern, Kate, and one I haven’t seen before. I like the colours you’re using, and I’m sure Bushboy will appreciate it once it’s finished. I’m just getting caught up on blogs again after another trip to my mom’s. Bushboy’s 16?!

    • Yeah, that was kind of how I felt, too!

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