Posted by: Kate | May 24, 2015

The Trees in the Forest

It is easy to get caught up in the majesty and immensity of west coast forests. They are really really big, after all. But sometimes it is good to remember that a forest is made up of individual trees, and those trees are just as amazing as the forest they create.

IMG_0818A good place to do this is in Cathedral Grove, here on Vancouver Island. On the road to Port Alberni and the west coast, Cathedral Grove is a small, unassuming piece of forest on the highway. But step off the highway and onto the paths of the forest, and the trees start to tell their story. The park has been around for a long time, and there are sign boards throughout giving a museum-quality introduction to the trees and aspects of their lives in the forest.



Cathedral Grove has a giant Douglas Fir (the tree that makes up a large part of our island forests) that is well over 800 years old. It is humbling and more than awe-inspiring to stand in front of it and feel very little and insignificant.big tree

The Grove is very popular with tourists, but the four adult islanders who went to the park that day all admitted the last time they were likely there was as teen-agers. We can’t do that, I don’t think, we can’t forget our local history nor take for granted our great wealth. Those trees are a legacy to this island, and they deserve to be recognized as more than a forest.IMG_0810




  1. We were there yesterday! I never get tired of people’s reactions to the size of the trees. We try to take all of our visitors out there. We enjoyed Long Beach yesterday too. A little ocean therapy for our Alberta-dwelling daughter :)

    • It is a great day trip out there. Bet it was beautiful at Long Beach!!

  2. Impressive and so beautiful. i need to start keeping a list of all the places to visit once I get back to ‘your’ island…it will happen one day. Although…I’ll have the perfect tour guide so who needs a list! ;) I love the last photo…it says to me you are in your element.

    • I look forward to the day I can be a guide!! And yes, definitely was in my element.

  3. Holy cow! These pics are fantastic! Sorry I didn’t mean to shout. I don’t have the words to describe how looking at trees and especially Island trees, makes me feel. Joy, etc.

    I love all of your gorgeous island pics. You look v happy. Great pic.

    Serenity now :)

    • Always serenity in these giant forests.

  4. beautiful! you’re making me want to just drop everything and go camping on vancouver island!!
    odds are quite good that won’t happen though, so i’ll just have to content myself with living vicariously through your gorgeous photos!

    • One day!!

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