Posted by: Kate | May 29, 2015

Water Dog

On our trip to Cathedral Grove it really wasn’t so surprising that Chika found the water. Or that people stopped to watch him, laughing at the obvious joy he felt. He’s such a water dog! (Photos taken by Bushboy, who kept appropriating my camera.)








  1. Ah, chika…how I love seeing you! Thanks to BB for taking these shots — although seems typical teenage behavior to be stealing mom’s cool stuff! ;)

    By the way…interesting that a post on chika came up now. You’ll see why I say that soon.

    • Hmmm, I’m intrigued…
      And I can’t really begrudge him taking the camera – it’s the only way pictures of me get included and he is an enthusiastic photographer as well.

  2. My son has also taken to “borrowing” my camera. I love seeing the photos he comes up with. Chika is adorable – I love the spots on her face!

    • It is pretty cool when the kids take the camera, glad your son is enjoying it as well.
      My mum really wanted us to call Chika Freckles, because of those spots!

  3. Oh what a dear girl! Oscar adores the water and swims at every opportunity! Ros

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