Posted by: Kate | May 19, 2015

Camping Traditions

The long week-end that we got married, we slept in a tent in my Mum’s front yard. Space was at a premium and we wanted to test out our new tent that we had bought to backpack around Europe. 20 years later, we still camp every May long week-end.

Most of those long week-ends have been spent with close friends of ours from down island, which makes the tradition even more special. There is an ease when camping with people you are so familiar with, and with whom you have set up many campsites.

We also try to change up the campgrounds, finding new to us places every few years. This year we went to Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. A beautiful park where we enjoyed the walking trails, the campground amenities (flush toilets oh my!), and the beautiful falls.

A week-end of talking, walking, geocaching, ice cream and shopping, campfires, storybook reading, laughter and relaxation. Good times.

Quinsam collage 1

Quinsam collage 2



  1. It sounds like the perfect weekend, Kate! What a great tradition to keep up over the years. Wonderful pictures, but I’m a bit confused. Who is that young man in the bottom middle photo? :-)

    • Some guy who kept taking my camera ;-) And eating all my food!

  2. I’m so glad to see how much you guys are getting out although it’s not surprising given your love for the outdoors and camping! Looks like a lovely place! Although I’m wondering why knitting didn’t show up on the list of activities? ;)

    Great photo of you and Mr. Kate. And wow, I had to look twice to figure out the bottom photo was Bush Boy…he looks so grown up since I last saw a pictures of him!

    • Oh never fear, there was knitting. And reading. But not so much of either compared to the rest of the activities. And I catch myself often looking twice at Bush Boy in person, so I understand!

  3. looks like a wonderful weekend, gorgeous photos of a fabulous tradition.
    i can’t get over how grown up bb looks! seriously, when did that happen?!?

    • Your guess is as good as mine. Feel like I blinked and this young man was all of a sudden living in my house.

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