Posted by: Kate | August 2, 2013

The Seawalk

We are fortunate in this town to have a great amount of public waterfront. One of the ways to enjoy it is to walk along our Seawalk, or roll, or bike. It is a wonderful and well-used walkway.






We are spoiled, living here, with this wealth of nature and scenery in our faces and lives. It creates an easy intimacy that we try not to take for granted, and are always grateful for.



  1. It’s really beautiful. We have a lot of waterfront but no way to safely or easily walk along it. We’re quite disappointed by this.

    • That is too bad. We’ve seen that in other towns on the island here, especially where condos, etc have been allowed to build on the water side. The road coming into town was thankfully built very close to the water, so that has curtailed the ocean-side building. And the town is quite protective of its water, especially with two public boat launches along the seawalk!

  2. i would only say you were spoiled by your surroundings if you stopped enjoying and using them. your family is one family who deserves to live in paradise because you definitely do not take it for granted!

    oh – and hello chika you handsome fella!!

    • Thanks Melissa, I like sharing it because it keeps me aware of how wonderful it all is.

  3. Lovely to know that you don’t take your beautiful surroundings for granted:even Chika looks appreciative! Ros

    • It really is a highlight for this little city.

  4. Wonderful pics, Kate! I’m always thrilled to see pics your beautiful city. I wouldn’t have any excuse *not* to walk, if I lived there. It is so stimulating on every level. Keep them coming!

    I/we do walk in the park by the lake, but it’s a little drive to get there. If I were younger, ha ha, I would walk there! It would probably be a 1/2 hour walk down Knox Mountain.

    • I think every town/urban space has something to offer, and natural spaces if we look for them, just like your park by the lake.

  5. One last note, Happy holiday Canada, it’s a civic holiday today! (the last long weekend until Labour Day, Sept. 1st).

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