Posted by: Kate | July 31, 2013

The Never-ending Little Socks

blue aloe socks


This yarn and I had some disagreements back in 2011 about what kind of needles it should be knit with, what socks it should become. The yarn, of course, was right and so I have knit three socks out of it, because I am nothing if not stubborn like that. The first sock was way too tight and knit on too small a needle, so that the resulting fabric had very little give to it. These socks, they are just right.

The yarn is Toofutsies, lovely but splitty to work with. The pattern is improvised, I think it might be called Gentlemen’s Rib somewhere, can’t remember where I saw the stitch pattern first but I’ve used it a lot. The heel was new to me, Cat Bordhi’s Tomato Heel. Love the feel of it on, although it looks loose in the shaping. Not sure if it will become a go-to heel yet, but still a nice one to learn and add in to the repertoire.

So a summer set of socks for me, quite little and yet two years plus in the making.


  1. And you wore them camping, by nice!

    • Well, this picture was taken in our backyard at our firepit, but I did wear a number of my socks out camping!

  2. Nice socks, Kate! I have been meaning to try the Tomato Heel, but every time I start a new pair of socks I get lazy and do the same old heel I always do.

    • Oh me too! In fact I forgot that I had done the heel by the time I got to the second one and was half way through my usual short row heel before I remembered!

  3. Love them!

    • Me too :)

  4. well now you can just forget all the time spend making them and just enjoy wearing them!
    they look great!!

    • They’re definitely comfy, so they will get lots of wear.

  5. Ooooo, these socks look super-comfy, love the colourway 2! I don’t feel so bad now b/c it also takes me a v long time to complete a project, no less a pair of socks! I know, 2, that you’re usually much quicker on your other projects.

    I’ll have to check out the tomato heel for my next pair.

    • I liked the tomato heel!

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