Posted by: Kate | March 9, 2013


I’ve been doing some spring cleaning of late (’tis almost the season, after all). But nothing can compare to nature’s cleaning abilities.

On December 24 Bushboy and I were driving home past our favourite beach when we saw a large gathering of eagles. There are often eagles at this beach, it seems to be a popular spot for both juveniles and adults, but this gathering was extra large. We drove past, and then thought better of it and turned around to look closer.

By the time we got right up to them we had spooked most of them off about 20 feet or so, but one was determined to stay. We realized that they were feasting on a carcass, although we couldn’t tell quite what we knew it was large and furry.

feasting eagleWe only had Bushboy’s iPod with us, but he did the best he could. We stood and watched them eat for a little while, then decided to clear off so the other more timid eagles could return. As we left we joked a little about the eagles having their Christmas Eve feast early.

Fast forward two months, to the sunny day a few weeks ago when we went down to the beach. As we walked along Bushboy spotted some bright white things up by the logs. We quickly realized it was in the same place we saw the eagles, so it most likely was the final bones of whatever the feast was (we think seal judging by the curved spine).

P1030026  P1030025

We liked the idea that these bones had been so thoroughly cleaned by scavengers, and winter tides, that we were seeing them now two months later, clean and white. Nature is always amazing.





  1. How incredible! Nothing to beat spending time in the great outdoors. Ros

  2. wow, that is really amazing! what a wonderful world we live in.

  3. When I see bones or death, I oscillate between thinking nature is amazing and thinking that nature is quite harsh. It’s an internal struggle I have that I don’t think I’ll ever let go of. But even so, one can’t help but be amazed at the cycle of life.

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