Posted by: Kate | March 12, 2013

1000th Post

Happy Birthday, Blog! Who would have thought we’d be here, back in August of 2007 when this all started? I began this blog as a place to write the million thoughts and ideas that run through my head on a daily basis. It was going to be a place to practise my craft, to put words down ‘on paper’ consistently. I just jumped with no introduction, no grand plan. The first post was about my garden.

It grew over the years into something different. It became a small community, a place where I could share the things that were important to me with people who might also find them important. My posts about parenting changed as Bushboy got older, and the crafting posts have increased. I take better pictures because of this blog, and I think it has changed the way I look at the world around me for the better, as I look to find stories to tell.

Along the way there have been book reviews, garden projects, photos, crafting, and family. (Posts found through random post hopping.) There are posts I’m proud of, and posts I put up just to have something on the blog on a regular basis. I think I wrote more essay-style posts in the early days, that has changed to a more anecdotal, conversational style. I think this blog truly represents me, in all its random ways. And the poetry makes me happy.

So, now we’ve had a look down memory lane, what’s next? Well, I’m turning that over to you. I’m quite content to keep things going along, I always have something to say or show. What would you like to see more of on the blog? Is there something you miss that I used to post about but haven’t lately? Do you want to know more about where I live, or my writing, or see more essays? I want to know!

Prizes! To encourage a great conversation, every comment will be entered into a draw for some cool prizes. This is a big week in our house (more on that to come soon) and Bushboy wanted to get in on the action. So, one of the prizes is an 8×10 of this beautiful picture Bushboy took of a Great Blue Heron.



There will also be a craft prize (to be determined based on the winner) and also, me thinks, there may be one other special booklet of poetry.

I will wait until March 20 to do the prize draws, so please feel free to comment, and even come back and comment again after seeing what other people might add.

Lastly, I want to say a big Thank You to everyone who comes by this blog. Not all of you comment regularly, or even at all, and that’s ok (although I hope you’ll make an exception for this post). There are some of you who pop in from time to time and let me know you’re still there, still reading, and I appreciate that. And there are those of you who comment regularly, and I appreciate the sense of community you have brought to this blog.

Thank you. The floor is yours!



  1. Personally, I think your blog is pretty-well balanced. I love the photos and especially the ones of walks.

  2. My wish is that you just keep being you, Kate.

  3. Ditto Denise. I love to hear what’s happening in your life. You’ve been a huge inspiration for me personally, the projects you’ve worked on, the excellent writing/poetry, your ‘word of the year’, health check-in (again, more inspiration), etc. etc. Keep up the great blog! Congrats on your 1000th post! (where DOES the time go??!)

  4. congrats on the 1000th post! that’s amazing kate!

    and i too have to agree with denise! just keep being you. that’s why we all come here, because you’re you and we like that.

  5. Oh man, I missed the big celebration…oh well, I can still say congratulations on 1000 posts…it’s a huge deal It’s interesting to me to see how blogs evolve….I completely enjoy everything you present here. Of course, you know that I’ll always request more chika!! And I would love to read more of your more ‘formal’ writing…poetry etc. But as long as you keep sharing in this space, I’ll be happy! :)

  6. Congratulations!!! I like your book reviews and your camping pictures! :)

  7. Hey Kate!
    I just received the most beautiful pkg. in this morning’s post. Thank you for the lovely blue cowl, it is so delicate, lacy and completely feminine – something I happen to love. I loved your card, too.

    Thank you dear Kate! Keep on blogging :)

    • Glad you like it, my pleasure!

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