Posted by: Kate | April 30, 2012

Spring Colour in the Garden

Aside from the usual bulbs of spring, there are some other plants that give good bang for your planting buck when it comes to colour in the mid-spring garden. Three of my favourites are heather, pieris, and pansies.

Pieris is a popular landscape plant around here because of its flaming red new foliage in spring. It reminds me of poinsettias, the way it puts out red growth at the top. The leaves will turn green as they mature. Mine has been slow growing compared to some of the other shrubs in the garden, but this year it is putting on a good show.

Pansies are like the petunias of spring. They come in so many colours and sizes, from the tiny and demure to the large and flamboyant. Pansies always make me think of my grandfather in England, as they were his favourite flower. When I worked in a garden shop as a teen-ager I would send him seeds every spring of the new varieties. I keep my pansies at the front door, as they do seem to get leggy if left in the garden. Some years I go for purple, this year I put in the red/yellow ones, trying to draw some heat to my front entrance!

Other than bulbs, what are your favourite flowering plants in the spring garden?



  1. Your Pieris and Pansies are beautiful, I’ve always loved a pretty Pansy. I bet your Grandfather looked forward to the seeds you sent him every year – is a nice tribute.

    My favourite must-have flower are scarlett red geraniums on my front porch. I also like to find colourful petunias for a lg. pot – they spread & grow so well.

  2. your pieris is so lovely!
    i’m glad to see that spring is making its way into your life, even if it is slower than you’d like this year :)

  3. I love pansies and heather, but had never heard of pieris. Maybe I have seen them but didn’t know that is what they are called. Can I nominate a bush as my favourite? Our Saskatoon berry bushes are all in bloom right now and I love looking out at the bright white blossoms.

  4. I have been wondering what that plant is, peiris, now I know. They are spectacular around here right now.

  5. My fav spring bloomers are my very large heathers & the primroses / primulas :)

  6. I like that your grandfather liked pansies. It seems such a nice trait for a grandfather…

    Do trees count? So far I believe I’ve most enjoyed the Japanese magnolia blossoms on the trees beside the Octagon House here in San Francisco.

  7. I adore that pansy!

  8. I don’t know pieres…what a beautiful bush! I’ve always loved pansies…to me they look like a happy face which always makes me smile! And wow, the color of yours is fantastic!

    We mostly have bulbs now that I think about it…but I think I look forward to flowering shrubs/trees the most in the spring. On fruit trees it represents so much potential…and of course the scent of lilacs is intoxicating to me…

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