Posted by: Kate | April 27, 2012

Feature Photo: The Power of Nature

One of the many trees downed in this winter’s wind storms. This one is across the Quinsam River.



  1. It’s always amazed me to see fallen trees after a storm. Trees, to me, are ‘beings’ like the rest of us, some living long lives, others not. So when I see a fallen tree or one that has been pruned, it saddens me. I understand, tho’, that it’s Mother Nature’s way.

    We’re having alot of flooding here in Kelowna after the last few days rain. Luckily, we live on a mountain, where, btw, there’s been reports of grizzly bears waking up from their long winter’s sleep. I’m going to stay in and knit :)

  2. There is always something so tragic about seeing these giants that have been witness to so much, brought down by the wind’s force. Ros

  3. I always think ‘the circle of life’ when I see big trees taken down by nature. And then I just appreciate her power.

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