Posted by: Kate | April 24, 2012

Spring Garden Clean-up

I moved into the front yard again this week-end, in my ongoing spring garden clean up. It takes me most of the spring to get the garden into shape, but it is certainly satisfying to see the contrast!

The picture above is the garden before I started. Unfortunately that lovely yellow pop along the driveway is from the dandelions! So I set to and began weeding, as well as moving some of the plants that have re-seeded or gotten swallowed by other plants.

It’s like a breath of fresh air! I can just hear all the plants sighing in relief. Those are bags of soil by the pillar, they will get spread once I’ve cleaned out a bit more, hopefully tomorrow afternoon as the sun is supposed to come out.

What are you up to in your garden?



  1. Your garden looks very nice! I shouldn’t admit this, but when the dandelions first come out I sort of like their bright yellow faces. That feeling only lasts about 3 days though and then we spend the rest of the spring and summer waging war with each other.

    I put some seeds in my garden on Sunday. It felt so nice to have my hands in the dirt!

  2. It looks like your garden is very happy! I love the before & after pics. Also your lined up rocks where the dandelions were. What is it about us & rocks? I’ve got way too many in my house, some have been painted by children & me, some just look too nice not to pick up & bring home. One of the kids made me a “rock man” – it’s so cute :)

    Sadly I no longer have my own garden, as we’re still renting. I used to love to putter & clean up in my garden in Calgary. I know what you mean about all the plants sighing in relief – that’s exactly what I used to say!

    No fear – I still plant flowers in pots at the front entryway. One absolute must are some red geraniums!

  3. you have a gorgeous front garden!

  4. So pretty! There is something so satisfying about cleaning up a space isn’t there? We haven’t had time to do much around the house…which is a problem since it appears to have been a bumper maple seed crop. So we are slowly trying to pick the thousands of maples popping up in the backyard! Otherwise, I’m just trying to sit and enjoy the flowers rather than stress about making them neat…I need some calm before the storm!

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