Posted by: Kate | April 23, 2012

The Migrating Geese

I hear them before I see them. The faint sounds of birds honking, similar to the sound of seagulls calling. I hear them even more at night, a ghostly sound that rings through my open window as they pass overhead in the nighttime sky.

If it is during the day, I stop and scan the sky. Eventually I spot them, often high up in the sky, flying in their ragged V formations North-west. They are heading to the lakes of the island, some to stay for the summer and some to rest and then continue on further north.

As I watch them, the V is constantly shifting, with different birds taking the lead spot. There is the constant honking, as if they are telling each other what they will do when they reach the final destination. Often there is a small stragglers’ bunch, forming their own V behind the main flock.

As they disappear from sight I can still hear them.

Spring has arrived, and the geese are flying.


  1. Don’t you just love the call of the Canada Geese? I wish I could show you a pic I took yesterday of 2 geese, male & female, walking to the lake.

    There was also one lone goose but he was shushed out of the group, poor guy. There was ALOT of honking goin’ on!

  2. When they are flying you can see why they call them “skeins” of geese, like a single thread being pulled by the middle through the air.

  3. oh i love his post so much kate. it’s like a beautiful floating poem.
    canada geese are one of my favorite birds, we always get a charming gaggle of them summering in the pond at the park by my house.

  4. What a lovely ode to Canadian geese! The past 2 years I’ve noticed something odd…there is a spot on the way to see the girls where the geese gather in spring. And by this spot is one lone snag. Almost every day we pass, I’ll see one of those crazy geese sitting on top of the snag. So odd to me to see a goose in a tree!

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