Posted by: Kate | April 25, 2012

Hello, Spring? Can We Talk?

Look, Spring. I know you need to assert your independence and all, and perhaps you don’t want to make things too easy on us. I know you’re also not responsible for the cold dismal summer we had last year. But it’s been over a month since your reign began, and, well, it still seems a lot like late winter out there if I’m totally honest with you. Now I’m a good West Coast girl, so I roll with the weather changes and the grey skies. And my word of the year is acceptance, so perhaps that means I should not be writing to you. But, acceptance can also mean accepting that I am not enjoying this spring weather so much. I try to garden but it is cold and the wind picks up. I try to resist turning up my heat, but when I finally break down the thermostat turns on at just 14 degrees C (57F). So, Spring, if you are quite ready, we’d love to have some warmer temperatures and clearer skies. Some weather than entices us to bring out the patio table and clean up the rest of the garden.



  1. Yeah, what Kate said.

  2. Yeah, what Kate said! Very well put Kate :)

  3. Ditto! I like how you’ve “sent it out to the Universe” and spoke directly to the Source. This said as we’ve just had a forecast for heavy rain :(

  4. hehe… I can accept why you’d need to have a heart to heart with temperamental spring!

  5. We’ve seen a little warmth in SF lately. Here, let me blow some your way…

  6. i hope springtime appreciates how calm and reasonable you’re being with her. the least she could do is respond in kind.

  7. We would love some warmer weather too. We were spoilt for a few days a couple of weeks ago. Since then it seems to have rained every day!!!!! Ros

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