Posted by: Kate | October 26, 2011

Knitting, Wildly

There has been an absence of knitting pictures here and on Ravelry, not because I haven’t been knitting but because I have been too busy knitting. I have decided to do a craft fair this year. I am just doing one, I think, at a local school on November 5th. The table price is right, it helps out Bushboy’s old school, and it lets me see if there is a market for any of my extra knitting. Mostly I am doing fingerless mitts of varying thicknesses and styles, as those are something I don’t see as much of and something people seem to really like. I do have a number of scarves, along with some baby hats, dishcloths, ear warmers and shawls. I am planning on having some socks on display as a consignment item.

I alternate between thinking I won’t sell anything and worrying that I don’t have anywhere near enough items and will be sold out completely before noon. Hopefully the truth is somewhere in between.

I promise pictures, but it might not be until I get the table set up on the Saturday morning.

I just wanted to let you know, though, I do still knit. Sometimes, wildly.



  1. Ah, you’re my favourite wild knitter! Good luck with your venture, I know you’ll do well.

  2. Look forward to seeing your finished projects! Happy knitting. Ros

  3. Yeah, me too! Too busy knitting to post photos. Good luck on the craft fair…

  4. Good luck with the show!

  5. I hope you post more on your knitting, but I think it’s a great thing to be ‘to busy knitting to post anything about it’. Good luck on your craft fair!! A friend here in town sells yarn and some knits at the farmers market…she has pretty decent success and notes that fall is a great time to sell mitts and hats.

    Okay–my allotted time for catch-up is about over so this ends the barrage of comments! Have missed you!

  6. what a wonderful idea kate!
    i hope your booth is a smashing success at the fair!

    i agree with rach- it’s a good thing to be so busy knitting that you don’t have time to post about it! but i will look forward to seeing your finished projects when you can find the time to post them!

  7. good luck with your craft show – i hope it goes well!

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