Posted by: Kate | October 28, 2011

From the Photo Archives

Sheep under shelter, August 2011.


Sometimes in life, it truly pays to remember the adage expect the unexpected. While the picture above may seem perfectly normal – some sheep sheltering from the mid-day sun under a lean-to obviously built for the purpose – the way we came across it was completely unexpected. You see, these sheep are on the grounds of the local fish hatchery, right above one of the fish pens. We had walked along the river and were walking up along the grass path on the far side of the holding pens, when we saw what looked like perhaps a dog or two on the grass above the last pen. It was a small space, and we kept trying to make out what the obviously alive creatures were. As we got closer it dawned on us – there were five sheep in a small enclosure beside the fish pens. We have never seen them there before – they hadn’t been there in previous years nor in the spring when we had visited the hatchery. Yet here they were, in bear territory (this was the same day we saw the bear fishing on the same river just above the hatchery), looking like they had always been there.

Sometimes you see the strangest things.


  1. Funny! Hopefully they have found a way to co-exist with the bear in the area! Although I don’t often hear of bear eating sheep…nor cougars. Mostly just the canids…Huh. Interesting.

  2. hooray for unexpected sheep!

  3. They are funny little creatures! They look quite at home. Have a good week. Ros

  4. Love it! I imagine being a sheep would be very warm, what with their lovely coat. It’s good to see people being kind to their animals :)

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