Posted by: Kate | October 24, 2011

You Know It’s Wild When ….

…. You’re walking down a local trail and instead of saying “Watch the dog poop” (although we do say a lot of that) you say “Watch the bear poop.” Four times in twenty minutes.

I love living here.


  1. My personal comfort level is three piles of fresh bear poop. Especially if each pile is fresher than the one before. :-)

  2. Is there an abundance of bears about these days? Or is it my imagination? I keep hearing on the news about bear sightings, &etc. here in the Okanagan & places beyond.

    Stay safe Kate & family!

  3. i’m not sure if i’m sad or glad that there’s no photo accompanying this post… :)

  4. yup – just went for a walk the other night and there was a pile every few steps (including in the front yard of the house we started at!). i’m just curious how they get any actual nutrition, since much of what comes out (in this case apples) seems to look almost exactly as it did when it went in – not to be gross, but geez.

  5. As long as they don’t start making trouble, I think this is great! Well…since it is black, not brown bears. Those are a whole other story.

    This summer, we worked in areas with really high black bear densities…Saw quite a few (they get the elk a bit riled up but they aren’t a threat) and even more ‘piles’…one pen I counted almost 20 piles. ;)

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