Posted by: Kate | October 5, 2011

Other People’s Words

There are times I come across some writing on the internet and think, “Wish I could have written that!” What I mean is, the article is saying what I have felt or expressed in my own mind. The writing is so clear and the message is just what I want to convey.

This blog post came across my screen from another blog, and since then I have been reading along with the adventures of this woman and her farm. This particular post made me nod in agreement and chuckle in sympathy – I too have finally become comfortable with being different. Well, for the most part I have.

You can find the post from Coldantlerfarm here.



  1. Hallelujah! Her blog is great! How do you find these amazing blogs?

    “With no consequences at all, I wear what l please. Let them laugh and scurry home to their peer-approved brands and wardrobe. I’m wearing my goddamned hat.”

    Love this! I’ve never really worried about what ‘other people think’, I like to march to my own drum.

  2. Too bad it takes us reaching mid-life to finally be OK with being different. I think about how desperately I wanted to be “normal” when I was a teenager, and now I am so thankful I’m not.

  3. Great post…and thanks for pointing me to that blog…will add it to my blogroll. I do admit to caring what others think of me for some things (mostly relating to my art and to my professional reputation), but for the little things like clothes? I can’t even remember a time when I cared. I was the one in high school that came to school with wet, uncombed hair wearing long john pants under shorts because it was comfortable (my mom didn’t actually know this!). I was the one in college wearing sandals and cut-offs with wet, uncombed hair amongst the pseudo-cowboys clad in polished boots, crisp and creased Wranglers and shirts. I am now the one with uncombed wet hair wearing whatever is closest on that particular day. This lack of caring has saved me stress and money through the years and I wouldn’t want to be any other way! ;)

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