Posted by: Kate | October 3, 2011

Braids in Chino are Done

Another pair of socks – 8th pair of the year – finished. These were actually an easy knit and quick, I just wasn’t working on them a lot. (I’ve got some other knitting things going on which I’ll save for another post.)

So, the pattern was Fascine Braid Socks, a free Ravelry pattern. The yarn was Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Chino. Love the feel of the yarn on the foot. The toes look wonky in the picture as the socks are for my mum who has bigger feet than me.

Another picture of the foot and the cute hemmed picot cuff:

I don’t know how many more socks I’ll get done between now and November, due to other projects. I’ll likely cast on another pair but they may take a while. I’m so pleased, though, with all the socks this year and hope to keep it up next year.



  1. I like those.

    I did a picot folded edge on a pair of socks once (once? twice?) and I loved it. Now I can’t even remember what socks they were! I must have given them away.

    Love the braids on those.

  2. Pretty!!! Lucky mum.

  3. Oooo, these are fabulous! Your Mum’s going to love showing them off, I know I would! How many pair of socks have you made this year? You may have already mentioned it, but I’ve forgotten. Where am I? Who am I talking to? (darn meno! ha ha).

    • Oops, sorry, Kate, after re-reading this post, I see that you’ve knit 8 pair of socks this year. That is super-impressive, imo! I can hardly knit a pair a year!

  4. gorgeous! your mum is one lucky mum :)

    they look especially nice next to your evergreen bush in the second picture.

  5. Beautiful socks! And love the picot edge! I did that on one pair and liked it though I found it a bit fiddly! 8 pairs of socks so far this year? Plus other knitting? I’m impressed.

  6. […] mitts and three scarves to go) and have not really done any personal knitting. Thank goodness I finished my mum’s socks earlier this year! My calendars have been requested, in fact I got in a bit of trouble with one […]

  7. Your socks are very lovely!!!! Might have to have a go at these. Ros

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