Posted by: Kate | October 7, 2011

From the Photo Archives

Hitting rocks into the ocean. August 2011.

Watching your rocks fly and trying to see the splashdown is a very worthwhile way to spend time. Being a part of the beach and the ocean, finding your way and your place in it all, these are good things. Find contentment in physical movement, accepting a challenge, and watching your achievements will keep you moving forward in life. And will make for a fun outing to the beach. When I feel the urge to rush you – to what? what urgency awaits us? – I try to remember that these moments, these are what define and create us. I sit back, admire your persistence as more rocks fall at your feet than connect with your stick, and try to spot the splash.


  1. Lovely post! All of these times are so important to savour and commit to memory. What can be more important than spending time absorbing our amazing offspring!!! Have a good week. Ros

  2. Reminds me at my many attempts at skipping rocks. Once in a while they do actually skip.

  3. beautiful post kate, thank you for the reminder to slow down and remember what’s important.

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