Posted by: Kate | July 22, 2011

From the Photo Archives

Chika, July 2011

Chika loves the water so much. One of his favourite things to do is what we call snorkeling. He puts his snout under the water and then pushes forward, making the water go up over his head. No idea why he likes it so much. It’s not heat, as he’ll do it at any time of year and even does it in the snow. Odd dog.






  1. Interesting. Our border collie does that with snow too. We haven’t taken her to a lake, because she doesn’t do well with other dogs, and there are always other dogs. :-(

  2. lol, that’s funny :D One of our fav. activities is to go watch the dogs play in the lake. Some dogs LOVE the water, some do NOT! (e.g. great danes, st. bernard (oh, wouldn’t want my coat to get wet!) lol

  3. that *is* funny!
    and you know how much i love it when chika is featured in the photo archives!!
    (he has a small but devoted fanclub here in south-central minnesota!)

  4. CHIKA!!! Love this shot and the description…you should video it some time!

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