Posted by: Kate | July 25, 2011

Strathcona Park

BC is making a big deal out of the 100th anniversary of its park systems. What it really means is that Strathcona Park, the one that started it all, was dedicated 100 years ago this year. We are fortunate enough that this giant park is our backyard, and where we spend so much of our time. Last week we spent six days camping at our favourite spot in the park and although the weather wasn’t the best, the park continued to amaze, astound and inspire us.

I have lots more to share of this wonderful place, tomorrow I’ll show you some of the stunning waterfalls.



  1. Beautiful pictures! There is still so much snow up on the mountains. I wonder if it will even have a chance to melt this summer.

  2. amazing pictures!
    i’m so glad to hear y’all had so much fun on your trip – will look forward to more pictures!!

  3. Ah. Beautiful. I had a horrific week last week…with something happening that is threatening to take ‘peace’ out of nature for me. Which is such a strange sensation and has made me on edge more than usual…what does one do when their place of peace no longer feels safe? I am happy to report though that your photos in this post brought on a peaceful, calm feeling. Thank you for sharing such a magnificent place.

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