Posted by: Kate | July 20, 2011

Produce Bag

We have cut out the large plastic shopping bags from our lives, but we are still inundated with plastic produce bags. I actually re-use the bags as dog bags, but I could be using the biodegradable bags for that task, which makes more sense. So, I looked around for a solution.

My mum just buys her produce loose and then puts it in a market bag after it’s gone through the till, but she buys much less than we do and I didn’t think having all that produce rolling around in the cart was really a good thing. So I knew I still wanted a way to contain the fruit and vegetables – just not in plastic.

This is the first of what I plan will be many produce bags. It is knit from crochet thread, so is very lightweight and folds up into a tiny little ball when empty. There were a few patterns on Ravelry for produce bags, and I think I’ll try one of the other ones for my next attempt. This is a fine bag, but I wouldn’t mind experimenting with some of the other patterns as well.

Pattern: Reusable Produce Bag, free on Ravelry



  1. i tend to just keep my produce loose too; but my problem is more with the bags from buying items in the bulk aisle. i have tried to remember to bring the empty bags back with me to re-use, but that doesn’t always happen. sadly, a knitted/crocheted bag doesn’t work so well for nuts/seeds/grains etc. any thoughts?

  2. Nice idea. Pretty too.

    k- Maybe muslin bags would work for nuts, seeds, and grains.

  3. This is a great idea. I have a question though. When you put your produce in a bag that has openings like the one you knitted, then place that bag in your cart, aren’t your fruits and vegetables coming into contact with the metal cart? That would be the same cart contaminated by raw juices from packages of meat. No problem if it is something you are going to peel or cook, but it is a different story if it is something like an apple or pear.

    This is something I have often wondered about when I see a bag like yours being used at the store. And yes, I am paranoid. A bout of salmonella will do that to a person.

  4. love it! what a great idea!
    i have some produce bags that i’ve purchased off of etsy, but i like this crochet pattern too. i may have to look into that!!

  5. I like your thought processes Kate…and good looking bag. I’m usually on the ‘put it in loose and let it roll around’ side of things. I apparently have far less food hygiene issues than Kristie! In fact, I never even thought of the points she makes but I do wash produce before consuming so have always felt that was adequate.

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