Posted by: Kate | January 7, 2011

Camping Poetry

For some reason I am often inspired to write poetry when I am out camping. I came across this one today, it was written at Ralph River last year.

You run ahead.
Not out of sight,
Just down to the edge of the lake.
I follow,
Knowing what we are searching for,
Wondering what we will find.
Ever is it this way.
Following you in your quests,
Watching you grab at life.
Do you know,
I would follow you anywhere?


  1. Wonderful! Just being surrounded by ‘nature’ often inspires me to create, whether a poem or a photograph, painting or simply “being’ there & soaking it in. The last line of your poem is my favourite . . . I would follow you anywhere?

  2. beautiful kate.

  3. Don’t you love finding wonderful memories like this poem? Nature inspires so much. I want to live closer to the land this year.

  4. It’s no surprise to me that you fee compelled to write while out camping…there’s no doubt in my mind that nature inspires us every single day whether we acknowledge it or not.

    This is beautiful…I love the sentiment.

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