Posted by: Kate | January 6, 2011

Knitting My Way Through the Year

A quick recap of the holiday projects, before we head into a new year of knitting adventures.

I completed a number of small projects for gifts this year, and two didn’t quite make it in time for Christmas Day. My mum’s second pair of socks weren’t done (but were done before December 31st) and Mr. Kate’s hat was finished Christmas Day night. Along with those two I made another pair of socks for my mum, a scarf for my mum’s guy, and guitar straps for both of my guys. There was also a pair of fingerless mitts for a friend. Of course, there were dishclothes and another scarf that were sent off, but these are what were gifted at Christmas.


Christmas Knitting 2010

Now onto a new year of knitting! I’ve got some goals this year, which you can read about here. I’m excited to see what wonderful fibre adventures await me!





  1. Hand knitted guitar straps – what a treat! Looks like you were busy and I bet the recipients were all very happy. Happy new year, Kate!

  2. Hello there! What fun projects you made as presents. That’s a great hat! I’ve just popped across to read all about your 2011 knitting plans. A pair of socks a monthe is a fantastic challenge! I managed it a couple of years ago. It certainly keeps you going!!!! Have a great weekend. Ros

  3. Prolific! I’m happy to see you have plans to knit some nice things for yourself this year. Enjoy.

  4. Happy New Year! It sounds like 2010 was a productive knitting year and 2011 promises to be the same. I like your idea of a guitar strap- my youngest daughter plays guitar and I think she would like one. Do you have a pattern you use, or just make one up?

  5. what wonderful gifts kate!
    i’m looking forward to seeing your creations in 2011!!

  6. What wonderful gifts! I don’t know how you do it, dear Kate. You’re the quickest knitter I know! I showed DH these pics, b/c he was standing right there, and he said, like Mr. Kate’s hat (there, there’s another male perspective for you, ha ha).

    I’m happy if I can manage one pair of socks per year! I’ll have to check your projects for the pattern you use. They are wonderful, I’m sure your DM loves them! Can’t wait to see what you’ll now knit for yourself :)

  7. Look at you and all your handmade goodness! I love how creative some of the gifts are (especially the guitar straps!). But I am very happy to see that you have several ‘selfish’ goals for this year! You definitely deserve a sweater and a blanket!

    I’m looking forward as well to seeing what you get into knit-wise this year!

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