Posted by: Kate | January 10, 2011

The Best Day Ever

That’s what Bushboy says it was – the best day ever! We went skiing today, and although it was really cold (like, really really cold) it was a wonderful day. Bushboy is getting to be a good skier, which makes the day even more fun. Next year he’ll likely be passing me.


Bundled up against the cold!



He didn't want me to waste time taking a picture, so he wouldn't ski nicely. But you can see some good form there.




The mountain has a lot of snow and the runs were in fabulous condition. Looking forward to getting back up soon.



  1. It looks so cold!! Brrrr! BB looks like he’s enjoying every minute of it – yay for him! :)

  2. Looks wonderful. Whistler?

    • Actually it’s Mt. Washington, here on Vancouver Island!

  3. top of the hawk chair, right? looks like you guys had a fun day, even if it was cold. think they’ll get more snow tonight, along with us down at sea level!

  4. Looks like a blast! I haven’t yet taken time to go out and play in the snow…and we are getting more than our fair share of it for sure this year. Must make the time! Thanks for reminding me with your beautiful pictures!

  5. gorgeous pictures.
    i’m glad you had a fun day and that you all stayed warm!

  6. Beautiful lighting in that last picture.

  7. so much fun! and these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

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