Posted by: Kate | August 16, 2010

It’s Precious

It is the time of year when you start hearing odd conversations around here….

Mum: But mine’s bigger, so it should be worth two of yours.

Me: Well, you can have two – but not the big ones.

Mum: Alright, bring them later and we’ll exchange.

We are speaking, of course, of jam.

Blueberry with Apricot Jam

I have done two batches, to my Mum’s one. But she has done apricot, which I love, and I have done raspberry, which she loves.

Raspberry / Blackberry Jam.

So we traded. The thing I like the most about all this jam, aside from the fact that once again I will buy no jam this year, is that it is prepared from all local produce. The raspberries were my own, the blackberries were in my freezer from local picking last summer. The blueberries are from a grower here on Vancouver Island and the apricots are from the BC interior. Talk about the tastes of home!



  1. Nice! Oh how I love home made jam yummieness :)

  2. oh i just love homemade jam – yummers!
    your raspberry/blackberry jam looks especially stunning!

    i am down to my last jar, so i need to make more. luckily i have a huge bag of mulberries in my freezer that i picked while at a friend’s who lives out in the country. i just need to find the perfect mulberry + “something tart” recipe. any suggestions?

  3. Yum! Those jars of jewels look delicious! Good job, Kate. I wonder how you find the time to do all you do :) You’re amazing!

    p.s. melissa, I have a few canning recipe books but they’re still packed away in a box. Mulberry? Sounds good!

  4. SWEET! The perfect way to make jam.

  5. This is so impressive Kate. I talk about it – you DO it.

  6. I’ve been making jam as well and my daughter and I have been having conversations that are more like this
    K: “You’re making jam?”
    Me: “Yes…you want to help? then you can have some”
    K: “Well, I want some but I really don’t feel like helping, I’ll probably just get in the way.”

    So the last batch…blackberry….I told her that if she wanted some jam she had to help pick the berries…which she did. We had a great time…now I just have to make the jam. I’m going to mix it with the frozen strawberries I have in the freezer. I like the blueberry/apricot combination…sounds yummy.

  7. Looks delicious. We’re all about honey around here.

  8. Yum! Those jars look so delicious! I didn’t have time to make jam from my raspberries this year so into the freezer they went to wait until the time was available…I hope mine look as good as yours!

    I also love that I make enough jam from fruit in our yard to make it through a year (and considering how my husband eats it that is no small feat). Yay for self-sustainability!!

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