Posted by: Kate | August 13, 2010

From the Photo Archives

Sandcastle Competition, Parksville, August 2009

Parksville is one of those summer resort towns that every seashore area has. Lots of resorts, campgrounds and a stretch of sandy beach that goes for miles. There is a huge park in the centre of it all that has fields, a water park, massive playgrounds, a skatepark and more which is home to many summer events. Perhaps the most well attended event every year is the International Sandcastle Competition. Competitors come from around the world to build amazing sand sculptures, and then the public votes on their favourites. We don’t go every year (it’s really busy down there) but we are always in awe when we do go! (I recommend clicking on the picture to make it bigger so you can really appreciate the details.)



  1. amazing!
    what a fun adventure!
    (but i understand why you’d avoid the crowds, i tend to do the same thing.)

  2. Ditto Kate & melissa, no crowds for this girl. I LOVE to see sand sculpture, it really is amazing how they can do that. Ice sculpture awes me as well. Thx for the great pic.

  3. Very cool! One of my fondest memories from college is shooting off one weekend with a good friend to the beach. She’s quite artistic and we spent an entire day making sand art…a dolphin, the mustang horse…and others. Your picture took me to that weekend…thank you for that!

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