Posted by: Kate | April 23, 2010

From the Photo Archives

Morton Lake, April 2006, Bush Boy and Kate fishing

This was such a wonderful week-end. We discovered this little jewel of a campground (that certain people don’t like me to talk about, hey Shan) and were bitten by the fishing bug. In the scrapbook I’ve mentioned how enviously Mr. Kate was watching the fly fishermen in their float tubes, now he’s one of them out on his pontoon boat! I also remember that the weather was fabulous this week-end, we were biking in T-shirts. This was one of those family recharging week-ends, just us in a small campground, chilling out and enjoying the great outdoors.



  1. this is such a wonderful picture, big guy and little guy fishing together – perfect.

    • Just a note – I have since edited the post to show that it is me in the picture fishing :)

  2. Love it, Kate! This is what I call the perfect, relaxing day – good on you two! DH has been dying to go fishin’ on the lake, everytime we see ppl out in their small boats fishing, he goes out of his mind ;-) One day, dear husband, one day soon, we’ll be one of those, too.

  3. I forgot you used to have longer hair!!

    Thanks for not mentioning Morton Lake…at least you didn’t give GPS coordinates!

    That’s my favourite place in the world. The entire world.

  4. what a beautiful family shot- such a treasured moment together!

  5. Love that photo! Family times together are so, so precious. Morton Lake sounds like a lovely spot! Have a great week. Ros

  6. So sweet…mom and son fishing together! Sounds like a perfect location (for more than just you!).

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