Posted by: Kate | April 22, 2010

Planting and, Well, Not.

I am so behind in the garden! For weeks we had cold, wet weather. Then last week was beautiful but I was working on my main contract and to deadline. Then the week-end was again cold. I have finally done some gardening this week, but my peas and spinach and swiss chard are not yet in the beds. This is late for those things, although the soil is still quite wet so much earlier and they would have just sat there in the ground, little seeds shivering.

This year the plans are more vegetables that we want to eat/store, and not the ones we can buy locally for a cheap price in the summer. So no carrots this year, and for once I may do tomatoes on purpose, to make sauce. Lots of potatoes, of course. Beans, and more beans, and then some more beans. Lots of peas. Greens, if I can keep them from bolting and going bitter in the heat of summer. Onions, perhaps.

My friend and I split a bale of hay, first to put on the strawberry beds to prevent the yearly mildew, and then I am hoping to mulch in the hot months and see if that improves some of the poorly producing crops. Not my beans, of course (beans love my hot hillside garden), but some of my squashes and cucumbers have not performed as well here as they have for me in other gardens.

So now we move into the manic gardening season – gloves on and spades at the ready!



  1. Your post was very timely for me. I am putting a vegetable garden this after many years of being gardenless. Kristin and I have planned out the garden and have decided on much the same veggies as you have. We have planted peppers in small containers and they are in a sunny window in the garage. I was planning on planting the peas next week.

  2. it sounds like you have everything well under control kate!
    i’m still needing to get some dirt to fill the new raised bed we built last weekend… *then* i can start planting!

  3. I just love your blog! All of your gardening dreams sound well, delicious! Yum, beans! Peas! Potatoes! Tomatoes, homemade sauce! Do you have some Italian in you?

    I love all the farmer’s markets around here, esp. for folks like us who won’t have a garden this year :( I hope to see many pics of your soon-to-be luscious garden. Have fun!

  4. It’s like reading my mind. I did get in potatoes, several kinds of green, radishes and leeks a couple weekends ago but it was a wet muddy mess. The last couple of years, I’ve changed my strategy to match what you mentioned above…more veggies that I can store and no space hogs (like corn or broccoli/cauliflower etc) that I can buy cheap at the market. It makes sense and you’ll appreciate it come winter! :) Good luck this year…looking forward to seeing how your gardening year progresses.

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