Posted by: Kate | April 26, 2010

A French Connection

It’s amazing how far a simple dishcloth can take you. As a member of a dishcloth forum (I hear some of you snickering) on Ravelry, I chat with people from all over the world. In one of the ongoing chats last year, we discovered that the lowly dishcloth cotton is actually a yarn in demand in certain parts of the world, as it is not readily available in stores. So the international dishcloth yarn swap was born.

I sent yarn, and also received yarn, from many places. I made some great new friends as well. One of the places I sent yarn to was Paris, France. The person I sent it to couldn’t find colourful dishcloth cotton there, and wanted to play with some of the fun colours she had seen on the dishcloth forum. I was happy to send along a selection of Bernat Handicrafter (my go-to dishcloth cotton). As my swap partner had no cotton to send, she thought of something else. She sent me sock yarn.

So here we have, the socks of Paris.

The colours are perfect for me and my wardrobe, as they are the colours of the ocean and the earth. Who knows, maybe one day me and my socks will even walk around Paris!

Pattern: Primavera Socks (free pattern)



  1. You don’t hear me snickering. I love dishcloths. What a cool exchange, and what great yarn you got in return!

  2. fantastic! i love that dishcloth forum so much – such great people.
    your socks turned out gorgeous, and i’ll say it again – i love love love those brown mary janes!!

  3. oooh i love those socks! what beautiful Parisian flair they have! the yarn is gorgeous and they pattern is wonderful! i am definitely putting that pattern in my queue.

  4. beautiful socks Kate! I dont knit really, but even I havent really seen any of that yern you mention for washcloths… must keep a better eye out for them!

  5. These socks are so special. And made even more special by a friend sending you the yarn from Paris! C’est magnifique!! :) I love the colours, too, they really ‘suit’ you & your outdoorsy coastal lifestyle. Your Mary Janes are fab, too! Au revouir! ;-)

  6. I can not snicker at dish clothes as I have knit a toilet paper cozy.

    Great socks!

  7. And such is the beauty of this strange, yet delightful online community we belong to!

    These socks are beautiful and I too love the colors. And they are just perfect with your Mary Janes!

    It took longer than expected to re-enter this internet world but beware, a deluge of comments are coming as I catch up with your life!

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