Posted by: Kate | February 19, 2010

From the Photo Archives

The Arrival of Chika

Chika at 9 weeks.

In the summer of 2004, we went camping to Hornby Island. My family has been camping there since I was 1 years old, and are members of a private camping cooperative. It is a little slice of heaven, although we don’t get there very often anymore it always holds a very dear spot in my heart. (Sort of like Ralph River now for our family.)

While at the campsite, we met a woman with two lovely Australian Cattle/Border Collie/Australian Shepherd looking dogs. We asked her about her dogs (they were so gentle with Bush Boy) and she told us they were related to the beautiful dog that the managers owned, as well as the previous managers’ dog – dogs we had admired for their looks and temperaments in the past. Then she told us that the mother was on the island, and she happened to have had a litter that year and there were two dogs left. Were we interested?

We had been looking for a Blue Heeler for a year to no avail, and now here was an Australian sheepdog practically landing in our laps? Mr. Kate went to check them out, and we were very quickly the proud owners of a 9 week old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie cross.

As we were camping, Chika spent his first couple of days with us in the tent until we could get over to the big island and get his kennel. He was already trained to go do his business in the long grass away from where we slept and ate (even once we got home it wasn’t an issue). We realized quickly that he was a dog who just wanted to be with his people.

Chika on the sandstone.

Chika on the sandstone.

Camping with him was a great way for all of us to bond with him, as he could go anywhere with us. There was no furniture to worry about, no job to go to, and so we didn’t have to say no or separate from him for two weeks. In that time he became a swimmer, because he didn’t like us going out to play in the water and leaving him on the beach. He whimpered for a while, then plucked up his courage and came in with us. He’s loved water ever since.

He also loves camping. Whether those first weeks he spent with us influenced him or he’s just a dog happiest in the great outdoors, who knows. We do know he is the perfect fit for our family, a true Camping Dog.



  1. He’s gorgeous. It’s so funny to see, though–my Australian shepherd/border collie cross is almost solidly black. We love her to pieces.

  2. what a wonderful story! chika truly was meant to be with your family.
    he is a beautiful dog – but oh my, what a sweetie as a pup!! thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great way for a dog to become part of a family! He must have felt that he had just joined a new litter, getting to cuddle with you all. How cute.

  4. What a great story. Every boy need a dog, don’t you think?

  5. Chika!!! Thanks for sharing the story (it’s great by the way…sounds like a match made for each other!) and the pictures. Such a cutie!

  6. what a lovely story and what a handsome young fellow! isn’t it wonderful when we find the pets we were destined to be with!

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