Posted by: Kate | February 18, 2010

I Needed That

We are being graced with clear blue skies this week. Cold in the morning (I think this is the first serious frost of the year) but lovely in the afternoons. So yesterday the dog and I went to our favourite beach for a walk. No beach glass this time, you just never know when it will be there.

I feel so much better now.


  1. Isn’t it gorgeous?? Look at the beautiful driftwood – sigh. And the sea. The beach. The rocks.

    Maybe next time you’ll find some seaglass. This is what makes it so special, it’s a rare occurence. :) Happy the sun’s shining for you today, Kate!

  2. The snow-capped mountains. And not to mention, the happy dog!

  3. wow, so gorgeous! you’re making us feel better, too- thanks!

  4. Hasn’t it just been glorious out!?

    Here’s one for you. My neighbour mowed her lawn yesterday. Can you believe it, and it’s only February!

  5. Lovely pictures!

    I have the side door wide open and am looking forward to setting up the deck and getting ready for even more sunshine.

  6. i feel better just seeing the pictures – thank you!

    i loooove the puppers in the water shot – perfect!!

  7. Great pics Kate! We are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. The weather this week has been awesome, only wish I’d been able to be out in it more, stupid work. Oh well, I have way more energy on a nice day, even when I’m at work!

  8. More Chika pictures!!!

    So glad you got your sun (we did too which I’ll post about today)…it’s still amazing to me what a bit of sun can do to one’s attitude. You don’t realize how much you miss it until it finally peaks out one day after months of grey!

    Beautiful images Kate…you capture the natural world so well.

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