Posted by: Kate | February 22, 2010

Dishcloth Dash

You’ve got your ski jumping, your hockey (we can’t really talk about the hockey, though), your skeleton, your skaters, your skiers …. the Winter Olympics really are a celebration of everything you can do on ice and snow. I can get pretty excited while watching, so even my regular TV knitting is sometimes too much for me (for instance, watching the aforementioned hockey). Enter my fall back, my go to, my Olympic cross country marathon of knitting, the humble dishcloth.

I am embracing my dishcloths during Olympic viewing, and taking the opportunity to refill my cloth basket (used for gifts, etc).

These cloths are the Jon Montgomery of the knitting world (hope that link works for U.S. readers – a fun and sweet Canadian guy who can win a gold medal and auction off a pitcher of beer on live TV all in the same 48 hours). Down to earth, get ‘er done, practical and fun. Doesn’t get any better.


  1. love all the dishcloths – they’re fantastic!

    i was aware of jon montgomery’s gold medal, but not of the beer auction… we miss out on so much down here in the states…

  2. Love your gold medal worthy dishcloths, particularly the last striped one. Whoo hoo for Jon Montgomery! Not only is he a fine athlete, he’s adorable, too :) I know just what you mean about knitting while watching the Olympics. I can’t take my eyes off the television, hence my knitting has become super simple. No tricky lace or following charts for me ;-) Like you, Kate, I’ve been knitting the humble dishcloth.

  3. your dishcloths are wonderful! perfect olympic accompaniment!

  4. Down to earth, get ‘er done, practical and fun. That really is what the dishcloth is all about isn’t it? Yours look great…I FINALLY managed to knit one for my house after all these years and I see now what I’ve been missing. A handknit, cotton cloth is so much better than what you buy at the store. I see more in my future just for me!

    Catching up…you know what that means to your inbox! ;) Starting with blogs…email will be a bit delayed!

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