Posted by: Kate | February 4, 2010

Too Darn Photogenic

I keep telling myself I’m not going to post all these cat pictures, but then I see them in these poses…. When Torti woke up from this nap, she was so annoyed to find Hubert there!!



  1. lol – I’m so glad you changed your mind & snapped a pic! How cozy is that? lol

  2. your pics are very relaxing to look at …make me feel cosy and sleepy!

  3. More kitteh pictures I say! :) Such cuties.

  4. Cute! I think we could all probably post daily pics of our cute and entertaining kitties.

  5. My cat is is too fat to get up into the window sill – she’s lucky she can make it up onto the bed!

    Keep ’em comming!

  6. i agree with everyone else – keep the kitty pictures coming! this one is almost too cute for words! i wish my two cats would snuggle together… that’s why i keep telling brian we need a third, heh heh.

  7. this is HILARIOUS! you just totally made my day. thanks!

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